Surviving redundancy can bring positive outcomes

My experiences of redundancy – part 2

So I left you in my last blog  about my experiences of redundancy, which you can read here, working as a temp, being a mum and completing my undergraduate psychology/biology degree. The experiences of redundancy I’d had up to then had come as great shocks and caused me a lot of painful emotional turmoil.  I felt guilty about losing my jobs and so being unable to contribute financially to my family. I also questioned whether or not I was any good at the work I’d done.  I’d made being made redundant about a failure in myself rather than unfortunate financial

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Wild violets in Carbis Bay

Covid-19 and how I have changed

Hello there, I hadn’t intended this to be my next blog.  In my first blog I’d promised my next one to be about my, hopefully helpful, experiences of redundancy. That will still happen… But I’m going with the flow and the ‘blue sky’ idea for this blog about how Covid has impacted on me came to mind while I was on a coastal walk.  For no special reason, on this day I had decided to take my time (usually I’m rushing onto the ‘next thing’) and search for spring wildflowers. The image for this blog was one of the photographs

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Maggie Coaching To Be Blog Writing

First blog: about me – Maggie at Coaching To Be

Why write my first blog about me? Well, you may have read on my website Home page what I say my job is about. For me my job is about you.  I’m simply here to help you find your way through any current life difficulties. 

So I thought it might be useful to give you a better ‘flavour’ of me. What I enjoy and the life experiences I’ve had. I’ll also provide some more concrete information about the qualifications that I hold.

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Redundancy Part 1 - where do I go from here


Is redundancy something that you are, or might be, having to deal with? If so then I hope it is not taking too great a toll on your emotions and you are feeling supported.

I have experienced redundancy 4 times over the course of my working career, in a range of circumstances which have caused me to experience a wide range of emotions from very negative to positive.

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