Do you want to change, explore or improve aspects of your life?

Are you looking for a new job, because you want to or because you might have to for reasons outside of your control?

Have you come to a stage of life where you have some more ‘free’ time available and where you want to explore what brings you pleasure and purpose now?

Are you thinking about moving to a new area or wanting to make changes at home or at work?

Sometimes any of these aspects of your life, and more, can leave you feeling overwhelmed and not knowing ‘where to start’.

But you are reading this, now, which suggests that there might be something that you are thinking about changing and are taking your first positive steps to do so. It is my hope that I can guide you on your journey to make that change.

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Hello, my name is Maggie and it’s my job to help you find your way forward.

It might not always be clear what you need to change in your life. Or, even when you know what you want to change, it can be daunting to know where and how to start implementing things.

Talking through your problems with me can help. It sounds very simple but it is genuinely incredible how powerful it is to just hear yourself speaking out loud.  You may well find solutions that you might not have considered by focusing tightly on the issue you are currently addressing.

For example, you might come to me because you are stressed at work and thinking you need to focus change there. But, by taking a little while to look at your life from a number of perspectives, you might find that making changings at home will more easily solve your problems.

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Pebbles that say Imagine, Believe Happiness

What happens in coaching?

You talk and in a relaxed and non-judgemental way I will listen carefully to you and ask questions that are intended to help you explore yourself and your situation.

It can be quite an intense experience but at the end of each coaching session you should find some clearly defined actions that you can take to move yourself forwards towards achieving your desired goal.

Coaching is generally time defined, so perhaps 3 to 6 sessions, where we would work to find actions that you can make to change your situation now and in and the near future in order to achieve your goal.

Of course we are all creations of our life experiences and so we may well cover ‘issues’ from your past but our focus would very much be on your future with an action focus. As an outcome of our coaching sessions you may ‘do’ things as well as ‘think’ about things differently and hopefully find satisfaction in taking action.

I’m told that I’m easy to talk to and take an informal approach. so if that suits you then working together should be an enjoyable experience. I certainly will do all I can to make it so!

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Where do we do this?

Depending on where you are located, we can meet face to face or via video call using apps such as Zoom, Messenger and WhatsApp, so there are plenty of options for our discussions to take place.

I live in a beautiful part of Cornwall and so coaching on the beach if you live nearby  – when Covid related rules allow – is something that I think is a very ‘encouraging’ way to come up with new solutions… all that blue sky and blue sea thinking.  By the way the photograph is of my local beach, I feel very lucky!

Some clients have been unsure about sessions via zoom, and I must admit that at the beginning I too wasn’t sure it would work as well as face to face sessions.  But I have found it to be an exceptional way to have comfortable, personal discussions.  You would be in a familiar and safe environment so any potential awkwardness about meeting in person is reduced. 

To be honest I’ve found that clients that I have worked with via a video platform quickly and naturally feel able to talk, so I don’t think it is in any way a ‘second best’ option.

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To Grow, To Balance, To Change, To discover, To Achieve

What next?

The first thing we need to do is have a ‘chemistry’ chat by video or telephone in which we discuss what you are looking for.

This is completely free of charge and will enable you to see if I am someone you can feel comfortable talking to. This is essential in order for you to be happy to share your thoughts and feelings with me.

It is also essential for me to see if I believe I can be helpful to you. My goal is to help you achieve yours so if I feel I am not the right person for you to work with then I will be honest and say so.

If we agree to work together then we would decide in our chemistry chat how many sessions you would like to start with.  I’d usually recommend a minimum of 3 as that will focus our attention and keep us ‘on task’. But don’t worry, if you find that you’d like more sessions we can always look to add them on. However there would be no expectation that you would do so.

I charge £50 per 1 hour session. This is payable one week in advance of our arranged session into my bank account.

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And afterwards?

My ultimate aim is that you end working with me knowing how you are going to make your desired change and feeling confident that you can do this. 

I have a vision in my mind’s eye of you flying off into a brighter sky, independent, strong and ready to start living your life the way that you want to.

If that sounds anything like your vision and you would like to find out more about what I can do to help you please do get in touch…

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